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Berca Cakra Teknologi BCT

Berca Cakra Teknologi is one of operating companies under Berca Hardaya Perkasa with the purpose of contributing to the IT (hardware) manufacturing in Indonesia.

Having over 25-year experience in IT, Berca Cakra Teknologi is firmly established as one of the pioneers in IT industry with our Relion-brand computers, notebooks or laptops and servers.

Competitive Advantage

To ensure customer loyalty for Relion products, we have implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and uphold our commitments to:

  • Product quality
  • The best services
  • Relion Server
  • Innovations & customer satisfaction
  • Deliver competitive Price / Performance
  • After sales support


  • Relion Desktop Computer
  • Relion Laptop
  • Relion Server
  • Relion Digital Projector
  • Relion USB / Thumb Drive
  • Relion Thin Client
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